Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New way of Channeling

From last night's meditation/channeling session:

So you see, as you are busy looking for wisdom from beings you think of as other than yourself, how that is not necessary when you feel the presence of your True Self with you. Now we practice in a a different way, which was presented to you in a channeling last week. A new form of channeling, gathering toward yourself what some call the High Self, or the True Self, or the Aumakua. For everyone who is incarnate, this is possible and normal, natural; not simply to be connected to something higher, not simply to be in touch with your True Self, but to be enveloped by your True Self. You might say merged. It could be that, unless when you think of being merged you think of something very big being compressed into a space the size of your body. That does not work so well. Maybe you feel this now. You could feel like what you call yourself occupies more space around you than what is inside the skin. That's a start. The body is at the center of this; the heart is at the center of this, and it is a little like the skin disappears. Perhaps you feel this now. You could allow your sense of who you are to spread out in this way, still centered in the body, but spreading out. It give you a different perspective on yourself, doesn't it? It may be that the place within your mind, where you worry about things, or wonder about things about which you are secretly worried, doesn't seem so big any more. Because it is surrounded by this body of light. You could let the light seep into that place where the worry lives.

This is the perspective with which we see you. When you have your questions about life, you are not in this state that you are now. Your sense of who you are, your bodies, are smaller, less luminous. So we hear these questions and we think: how can we get them to be bigger, to be more of themselves? This is closer to the normal state for a human being. This is normal. Being smaller is not normal. It is your habit. It is familiar. Might even be said that there are forces which try to make you small, make you feel that is normal and that to be bigger and more luminous is not natural. So we say it again: to be luminous and big is normal. To be filled with life, filled with love, filled with joy is normal. There are parts of you who do not believe this. That is why we repeat it.

Maybe you notice these parts now. Maybe you hear this happening inside, some voice in you saying “yes, but. . .” Now in this state you could have a little chat with those voices. Tell them you love them, but that you don't believe them any more.

So your presences are larger than you commonly conceive. You've just learned this. What correlates is that human capability is largely determined by belief. So in the same way that you often come to believe that your presence is small and compact, that life is not filled with joy, is not easy, fun nor exciting, these beliefs, they are falsehoods that are common in your thinking. But as soon as you begin to expand outward, that you let your hair down, so to speak, you will find that your capabilities are far greater than you would normally expect. That capability is a function of belief in self. So as long as you continue to expand outward with your energies, what you are able to achieve will also expand outward and this growth is exponential, or it can be. It's simply a matter of keeping in [the] line of loving those voices that doubt.

I said before that the center of your being while you are like this is in the heart. If you look there you will see if it is true or not. In us right now, for this man, it is a little above the heart, in the middle of the upper chest, like a diamond, glowing. See where you find your center now. And feel how you are sitting in your body right now. So, perhaps, when you have thought about this idea of calling in your True Self, you think of it as something higher than you; you think of it as coming in through your head. Sometimes, it's like that; things come in through the top of your head, energies. Perhaps it would be more centering for you if you remember this place in the chest, some call the high heart, just a few inches above the heart chakra. See how that is a kind of focal point for this larger version of you. This place can act like a magnet for calling your dispersed self together to be with you.

Like a diamond.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Follow up to Message on Channeling in "Voices from the Perception Garden"

These messages came through during a group channeling session right after we read together the Perception Garden Message posted on Voices from the Perception Garden on February 21, 2012, on channeling.

You may have to put aside your minds for a little while and just experience the light that is coming now. The part of your mind that is having difficulty understanding can take a rest. We still love that part of you; it can rest for a while now. It doesn't have to worry. Allow yourselves to be bathed in the golden light. The process that you were hearing about is entirely natural; not exactly automatic. It happens naturally as you allow it by sitting in this light. We know that sometimes people on the Earth plane like to get a sun tan. You call it sun bathing. It's sort of like that; you don't have to do much to sun bathe, just be in the sun. It's easy. Of course it won't be easy for the parts of you who are afraid of light. But they are not really part of you anyway; they just pretend to be. And even they don't need to be afraid.

This transition from the illusion of being separate and alone into the reality of knowing we are all connected can be confusing. When your reality has been built upon that illusion of being separate and alone, many of the concepts you have had will turn out to have been false. We expect you may be a bit dumbfounded at times. Try not to mind. It's a good thing: to pass through a state of confusion to come to a better understanding. This one who speaks for us now [Bob] likes to have things nice and orderly in his mind. He's in for a surprise! For instance: you have a Power Animal; you have done a shamanic journey and found a Power Animal. Let's say it is a bear. The bear has his wisdom and his power and so you think that in order to manifest that wisdom and power you must call on the bear because it belongs to him. This is how you think of it under the law of separation. Even though you know in shamanic practices you call up on the bear and then you merge with the bear and become him. And then whose wisdom and power is it? So you go back to being un-merged and feeling separate again. And that is the, so to say, comfortable reality. Perhaps you don't need to un-merge. So as we sit together perhaps you can feel the other spirits around you, hear the buzzing sound of the spirits, feel the tingle of that energy. The boundaries between each of you become a little less definite, if you wish. As we speak through this man, our energies enter into his presence to some degree. And he remains here with us. So, does that mean he becomes us, we become him? As you like to say sometimes: it is what it is.

All in the group have felt the loving touch of healing energy and most have given that loving touch of the healing energy, that energy comes and is shared through that person. This is the kind of energy we are offering to you. We wish that you think outside of group mind think and start expanding how you view things, how you think of life. How you feel. Earth school is too full of group mind think where everybody is taught to think the same. Feel the warmth, relax. It's like a great big hug. Start expanding your routine. Wake up at a different time. Look at your Earth School differently. Not from a place of fear but a place of love. Wiggle your toes in the dirt. Enjoy what is around you. Look for thinks that are not quite obvious. Miracles are all around.