Sunday, November 23, 2008

Linking with the Earth

You remember the sensation of being connected to the crystalline energy of the island beneath you, helped by the sacred triangle you set up.
[I had set up an equilateral triangle about 7 feet long on a side, and sat cross legged in the middle of it to meditate each morning.]
It is a very strong sensation here,
[Hawaii] but you can feel something like it at home. Ask the crystals to connect you and the group to the crystals in the Earth, in the bedrock and below. Let those energies connect with the liquid crystalline structure in your bodies. This will open doors to new worlds, to new realizations, new dimensions. You are not sitting on dead rock. You are sitting on a vibrant being vastly greater than yourself, vastly more intelligent than any human or even than the whole collective of humanity. From here you can connect to sun energy and star energy. In fact, that is your role, the role of humanity, to serve as a connecting link between the Earth energies and the higher energies form the cosmos. This is the work that you must undertake, the work that is desperately needed. Mankind has lived too long in the old experiment, to see whether anyone could connect with these energies when the mind was given supremacy. Could humans find the Light in their darkness? Some could, but not enough; not enough people, not often enough, not strongly enough. Now the situation is reaching a critical point.

You have already found out how rich this type of life can be. It is only the beginning, just scratching the surface. What lies before you is vastly more profound than what you have seen so far. Remember the vibration of love. Always keep yourself in the vibration of love, as you have heard it said.

Remember, too, that as you become more and more connected to the crystalline energies of the Earth, your own personal mana, your power, will increase correspondingly. This requires great care. What you say and how you say it will have greater impact than you might expect. You have come to think that your voice is never heard. It will be, and you impact will be much greater. As we used to say: Remember yourself, always and everywhere.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is a time for alertness, flexibility and non-attachment

This is a time that calls for alertness, flexibility and non-attachment. Many of you know this already. It is good to be able to let go of things that are not important. It would be good to ponder this: what is really important to me and what is something I am merely attached to. Look inside at your own feelings, your own sensations as you contemplate the elements of your life. In this way you can experience how your body reacts to the idea of loss, of change. This will help you to be prepared for the changes that are happening, to be able to see clearly what is happening and what you can do.

When you are connected to us you feel this inner clarity, as if the light is shining inside your presence, in your body even. We are here to provide that illumination. Your part is to allow us in, and to release yourself from your attachments to the things that are not necessary.

One way to look at this is to consider how the various things you own could be used differently. You know that you have at our disposal certain tools for communicating with people at long distances. This makes it less necessary for you to travel to where the people are who need your services and for them to come to where you are. It costs almost nothing in terms of dollars to do this, but is very costly to get on an airplane or in a car and travel long distances. That is just one example.

There could be a place for communal living arrangements, as well. Working on relationships would be part of this. People live very separate lives now in America. This is not the way it is done amongst most of the sentient beings of the universe. Barriers between people need to be examined and more openness is needed. This allows better flow of energy, of love.

You know that sitting with a group and connecting together with the Web of Light is a very powerful experience. The group energy is far more than the sum of its parts. And the people get connected in ways they could not imagine in their ordinary state. You cannot foresee the structure of it when you are not connected to the Web of Light. It is this disconnection from all life that is what creates the blindness and the fear. It is part of the old order and that is what is breaking down.

You can problem solve together. This will be a better way for the future than for each person to try to survive on his own, solving the problems that others may have solved.

Taking your place on the Web of Light

It is time for people to know about us, we who live in a higher dimension. For thousands of years, the situation has been that people thought they were alone on the planet Earth, and that their actions existed only on Earth and only had consequences on Earth. It was never true, but now it is time that people understand the place they hold in the universe, in the larger context. Earth is of interest to us because She holds a special place in the vibrational sequence, in the pattern of the life of the universe as a whole. She has been a sticking point, a sore spot, a place where energies get stuck and don't flow through to the rest of the system. That is changing, has to change. This is why there is such an enormous stream of energy flowing toward Earth from the Galactic Center now. The planet is rising up, waking up, entering a different level of vibration as a whole. People are riding the crest of this wave of energy as it builds. Some people are able to absorb this energy in a healthy way and most are not. Most are so unaware of all this that all they notice is an increase in their fear level. Something feels different and they don't know what it is, so it all goes to the usual place, the place of fear. And it apparently doesn't do any good to tell people not to be afraid. They are so addicted to fear; they cannot see anything else. So we ask the light bearers like yourselves to take their places on the web of light, to tune in, so to speak, and to resonate with the Whole, so that the vibration we are sending can be amplified and transmitted unconsciously to the rest of the people; unconsciously for them, of course, not for you and the other light bearers. This is an important action on your part, one that is essential to the transformation of the planet, for Her growth and development if you will. It does not depend on you alone; there are many other people like yourself who are doing this now, at the level they understand it. But you have tuned in and are tuning in, and your efforts, with those around you, have an effect that is positive and very needed. We can help provide the resources that you need to keep this going. Do not fall into the place you sometimes go, where you believe that your efforts are too puny to have any effect. When you resonate with the web of light, your efforts are amplified by many orders of magnitude. You can feel how amazing the process is when you do it, so don't forget that impression. It is truly amazing to be opened up to these higher levels and to realize you can live in this very different way, plugged in to the universe as it were.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A higher perspective is needed

What we want for you is that you should have the same perspective as we, the same view from above as it were, as it seems to you now. You come to this not through shutting down your feelings or trying to “rise above it” but by being more open to all feelings, to the feelings of others, to the feelings in yourself that seem out of place as well as the ones that are socially approved.

You learn to encompass all the vectors of yearning and they balance each other, so you are not pushed or pulled by desire and repulsion. You see all, feel all. Then it is possible to be at another level and to manifest what you wish. Now it is not possible to manifest what you wish, not as much, not as deeply. Sometimes you can, but not to the extent that is possible for a being such as you.

For example, I came to you in this form [Ashiata Shiemash] because of your history with Gurdjieff. This form would mean something to you. I am from the highest source and can take many forms. All of the compassionate teachers are manifestations of the God energy. We present in different ways in order to help you understand the message. The closer you get, the more it looks like light. The light is what matters. It can penetrate everywhere, into the darkest places It can change whatever it touches. You can become a vessel of light. You already are, but you could be more so.

Always remember the light, to carry the light, to call for us in the light. You are learning that it is not a battle. The dark ones like to make it a battle, but it is not. It is a melting, a transformation. A supernova of light.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Opening the crown chakra

This crown opening needs to reach all the way into the heart, and perhaps lower down, too. Eventually the whole body becomes not just filled with light but changed by it, energized in a totally different way. This can connect you to the other dimensions of your True Self.

The heart feels heavy without this energy, having tasted of it. This yearning helps you to remember that the process is not yet complete. Tension in the body interferes with this transformation. But you don't have to strain at all, even to give up the tension We will do the work, if you simply let us do it. It is hard for you to let us in; we understand. Do what you must to prepare, to make the time and space safe for yourself. We can help with that also. It is like tuning a crystal, tuning in to our frequency, or one which we can use, that will allow us to speak to you about material that cannot be conveyed in an ordinary language, through concepts you are used to. The implications of this are very great, far beyond what you can imagine. Do not try to imagine it, you will just limit what can be.

You are always trying too hard. It is not up to you; well, not all of it. You have a role, but it is not so active and stressful as you make it. By forming this alliance with us, you become something like invulnerable, untouchable. The power that is coming through, that will come through you, will be beyond anything you can dream of. We have said this before, but it bears repeating. Have faith. What is coming is very great, and you are part of it.