Monday, December 5, 2011

Message from Horus which came last week during the channeling group

We try to reassure you each week that we are here, helping, at your service. And we see that you hear us when you are at the meeting. Sometimes, at other times you hear us. We want to assist you to learn to hear us all the time, at least to be able to do that. So think about what is different as you are together as compared to when you are not together, and the way your organism is receptive. When you are here, you become more peaceful inside. The parts of your nervous system which you refer to as having to do with stress, are not so active. So you become more able to hear us and see us. And when you are in your lives, away from each other, see how it is that when something happens and you react with upset, how that affects your ability to perceive. This is important because there are always things that are upsetting, or at least to which one could react with upset, or not. So if there is a problem, a bump in the road, you might say, we are there, trying to help you. If you are upset, you might not hear, when the upset comes. When we meet like this we are building a connection with you, gradually. Not too much all at once. You see, we don't wish to cause that same upset about which I just spoke. We don't want to scare you. We do this in a gradual way. It's not your fault if you scare easily; it's the way things are where you live. Has been for a long time.

You know that as we have spoken to you over the months, even years now, sometimes we come as this person or that person, which you call gods; this god or that god; this wise person, or that wise person. We are part of a circle; we work together. Sometimes one of us has a slightly different point of view than the others, and so that one is chosen to speak or to touch you with his or her energy. But the basic message is the same regardless of who speaks.

We live in a world without the physical body. In your physical world you have an experience we do not have, which is that of separation. Each of your bodies appears to be separate from the others. In a sense they are. But each of your bodies has around it an aura which is also within the body, and these auras touch each other and sometimes blend. So now as you sit here together your auras have joined, almost. One of us will stand between the one called BB and the one called PW to help bridge that gap. We understand more directly the power of being in a circle, in a group. When one of us feels something, the others all feel it, too, immediately; the same with thoughts. We understand easily how connected we all are because we feel it very immediately. This is an understanding that for you is just beginning to dawn. When I say you, I mean humanity, all together. An idea whose time has come. It is a very different idea than the one that has been in power, which is that everyone is separate. For example, the hot topic of the moment, greed. When you realize how connected everyone is, there can be no greed; it cannot be. You don't have to do anything about the greed, because it simply cannot exist. I know it is difficult to understand how such a world could be.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Message from RA

I come to you looking like the sun. You could think of me as the sun, Apollo, Ra, other names. We have set things in motion to right a great wrong. This planet, your planet, has been a cesspool for too long. I don't know how else to put it. For a long, long time many, many bad things have happened here, things that cannot happen in the light, only in the darkness. So we are increasing the light. Your scientists, some have noticed an increase in what they call the solar wind, radiation coming from the physical sun. It is one expression of this transformation process. Things that happen in the dark and can only happen in the dark will become impossible, where now they are the norm. So, as you sit within this vibration, making yourselves quiet and receptive, this solar wind has its effect on you, makes your cells vibrate in a different way. And when they vibrate with enough intensity they radiate again with the same light and you become like another sun. And every time you become like a sun what happens to the dark? It is filled with light and is no longer dark. It is changed, transformed. It is not killed of; it is transformed. In your minds you remain somewhat convinced of the invincibility of the dark forces. From our point of view, it is like the shadows telling the sun: You can't defeat us. When there is enough light, even the shadows become illuminated. The light bounces off everything, flows around obstacles, is reflected back and forth. There is nowhere to hide. Even under ground. Because the light we send can enter into the crystals of the Earth, into the rocks. Into the spaces.

Ignorance is another form of darkness: absence of the light of reason. When you [Bob] talk to the dark brothers, you see how they don't know about the light. They are ignorant of it, afraid of it. And when they find out that there really is Divine Love, they are surprised. And their understanding changes.

[He is talking to me about a video I saw today in which it is claimed that the extraterrestrials came to this planet looking for mono-atomic gold which would keep them healthy and young forever. What he says is:]

The gold that keeps you young is the gold vibration that I send you now, the golden light. People have always associated the color gold with God, with the Divine. It is a powerful vibration. It has an action on the fundamental structure of your being. Everything within you can be touched by this gold light, but unlike a Midas touch, the gold revivifies your tissues. It does not turn them into a metal; it brings them more life.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Man and Nature

From a First Nations man. Looks quite old, wrinkled face. He says that we are honoring the ancient ways, us in this group. And he is drawn to us because of that. He says:

When you connect to us in the spirit world this way [sitting in circle, receiving messages from spirit], it is a natural thing, like being in Nature. Even though you are sitting in a room. You feel your bodies in a different way when you do this. You feel how your body is alive; you feel the life in it. And this connects you to Nature. Many people seem to think that to connect to the spirit world is to leave the body behind, but it is not like that. It is the energies of the body which allow this communication. It is not that you are just now connecting to Nature; it is that you are just now becoming aware that you are Nature. In the disconnected state in which many people live now, they think human life is apart from Nature. It cannot be. That is simply a delusion. So even though you do not know the birds and the animals, the winged creatures and the four-leggeds, the way we do, you can still feel your connection to Nature through your own body. It is even wrong to put it that way, because you are always in Nature, of Nature, just mostly you don't know that. When you see something beautiful, like an eagle flying, or like the light in the clouds and your heart is stirred, maybe you call it beauty. It is more than that; it is more than a pretty picture. There is a resonance in your heart which unites you with the eagle, or the deer, or the waterfall or the clouds, but in the delusional mind who believes you are separate from Nature, it wants to discount that connection, that resonance; to trivialize it. So we say, follow that resonance in the heart. Don't listen to the disconnected mind.

The drumming creates a vibration which affects your bodies, your feelings, brings your mind into a different attunement.

Notice how you walk upon the Earth. When you are walking, do you experience that you are on the Earth? Now you are more grounded in this quiet place. It is possible to feel more solid. Then when someone tells you something crazy, it doesn't affect you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Power of Love

This message came through during a meditation meeting in a small group of people who practice weekly together, trying to connect to divine sources of wisdom. The being who spoke identified himself as Horus:

Ask that your capacity for love be increased and we will aid you in this process of increasing this within you. And as this grows, you will be able to see others as they truly are in the same way that you seek to see yourselves as you truly are. And as you grow in this capacity to love you will be able to be greater beings of Light in the service of others. And increasing your own joy. Make this a daily intention.

Maybe you begin to understand that Love is a force beyond all others, not just a sentiment. But a powerful force. When you think of power you do not think of Love; you think of power in a different way. Once you begin to experience this as you meet together with us, you feel this different vibration that comes, how strong it can be; how it even affects your body. Maybe it is not even right to call it Love because you think a certain way about that word. The way you maybe think about it doesn't include how powerful it is.

Sometimes you feel it as a warmth or heat . . . or a thickness in the air, or like you are being spiritually scrubbed. Imagine that you could focus this Love like a beam of light; instead of a death ray, a Love Ray. Like a search light, only much warmer. Much could be accomplished.

Try now to feel your heart, in the center of your chest. You feel how it moves; when the rest of you is still, it is moving. It is very responsive. Now we send this Love into your hearts, like a golden light. See if you can feel it. See if you can feel the action of this light. Now, let it spread throughout your body. And hold your hands like this (palms up.) Imagine the light is streaming forth from your palms like two flashlights, and where these beams meet, imagine someone to whom you wish to send love; picture them being shined upon by these two flashlights. Now all of us gather around you in a circle, amplifying this energy. You send it to these people you visualize. Keep your focus on that person and on the feeling in your hands. Send this same light into the heart of this person

Now take your hands and place them over your heart.

Now again,make your beams of light going upward and where the two lights intersect imagine someone else.

And again, give yourself light over the heart.

Do you understand?

We want you to know that you can try this projecting of Love as you wish. But we want you to remember that the source of the Love is not within you; it is not from you; it is from something higher which comes through you. First you must receive. Very important to receive this love first. So often you try to give without having received anything yourself, and you end up empty, trying to do good. Maybe you could feel as we did this together how much it affects you to work in this way; how good it feels for yourself. It is not just what you call a byproduct. It is essential that you feel this goodness. You cannot do this work without feeling that goodness yourself, without receiving it into yourself. And as you receive it you can feel the abundance of it, so it becomes easy to give it, to send it to someone else, because you don't lose anything yourself.

We very much like that you want to do this work. Very much. We would like to help you. So if you wish to try this, you can practice it when you are by yourself, but we ask you not to discuss it, certainly not with the people you try to help. It is best to do this secretly. Maybe you understand why. When we did this just now, you were in a certain state with our help and with your active participation. And you may find this when you are working alone also. But then when you go to talk about it with someone you are not in that state any more. So it creates a possibility of misunderstandings, almost an inevitability of misunderstandings. Better to do this quietly, in secret. Talk with each other, yes.

As you sit in the Golden Light, enjoying its qualities, you can feel how your presence has an affinity for it, how well it fits, how well it suits you. We say that the Golden Light comes from Ra. You may have heard of Him. He is called the Sun God. He sends the Golden Light, not from the sun, but from Ra. And it suits you. Fits you very well. So you think of Ra as some distant powerful god, far removed from you. You are wrong because His energy fits you very well. It is very pleasing to us to see that. We hope you enjoy it, too!