Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rejuvenation of the physical body

[Is the Golden Light of Grace the fountain of youth? As I practice bringing it in, I notice a rejuvenating effect.]

You will notice what you notice. It is good that you are practicing this and showing others how to do it. Yes, it can be rejuvenating. It helps to remove the effects of what you call stress. When we speak of stress we mean more than activation of the sympathetic nervous system. There is also a failure to clear toxic substances from the tissues when you are in a state of constant stress, constant activation of the sympathetic nervous system. These substances lodge in the tissues, especially the fascia, and cause damage to the tissues. The toxins make the tissues more brittle, stiffer, less able to transfer energetic substance, less tuned to the higher frequencies. Activation of the sympathetic nervous system prevents or makes more difficult the process of tuning to higher energies and higher messages. It creates a sort of tunnel vision. You become focused on survival, getting through this moment, with no thought to the next, to the past or the future, to the higher and lower levels of life.
When the sympathetic and para-sympathetic are in balance, not just in balance, but also set at a lower activation level, then it is possible for your awareness to take in more frequencies, more dimensions. This requires a state of great calm.
So we send the Golden Light of Grace to help with that re-setting of the nervous system, to bring it to a level of peace that makes more awareness possible. In the survival mind-set, it is not possible to see the beauty of things, to hear the music. This creates a cynical attitude. And that vibration of cynicism draws negative energies to you. It becomes what you call a self-fulfilling prophecy. You see what you are attuned to see, and don't believe that anything else is possible because you don't see it.
We ask that you practice this other tuning, living in the energy of the peace that comes from our Golden Light of Grace.
You can feel the rejuvenating effect of this energy we send to you. It prepares your physical presence, your tissues, for further help. When you are in a state of agitation, it is not possible to receive the higher energies. The Golden Light is a first step toward making your bodies more receptive to influences that can be very healing and that can go well beyond what you think of as healing. We are talking about real transformation of the body, the physical body. As you experience your bodies now, you cannot clearly distinguish the sensations that are particular to the higher bodies. This can be done but requires more familiarity with the physical body in a state of deep calm.
So many of your past experiences in this lifetime and in past lives have been traumatic, have created pain and fear and anger. These emotional states prevent the kind of sensitivity that is needed for further development, for further evolution of the human being. So everything you are doing to help relieve the effects of fearful, angry, and painful memories, the stored charge of these memories, is very helpful for the further development of the people with whom you work, and for yourself as well. We send you the Golden Light of Grace as a means for furthering this process because it can work silently, even subliminally. It can work at a distance, because where we live there is no distance and no time. The more you work in this way, the clearer all this will become.
We send you this with love and hope and compassion.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Regeneration of the four bodies:

You can start by imagining a ball of golden light above your head, like a little sun. We, the representatives of the sun, known as Ra, Apollo, Ashiata Shiemash, and by other names, cannot resist coming to fill that golden ball with our energy, which comes from the highest source. It is a great pleasure, as you might say. It is also a natural law, a law of nature, that we do this. When you visualize this golden ball over your head, we are called by that action.

Then you invite the golden light to descend into your crown, into the opening at the top of the head. Imagine an opening, into which the golden light can descend like sparkling droplets, the way the dust looks in a shaft of sunlight, sifting its way gently downward into the head. There it begins to form another sun in the middle of the brain, where the 6th and 7th chakras find their root, near the pituitary and pineal glands. From there, the light descends ever so gently into the neck and down the spine and sympathetic nerve chains. It can form another sun in the heart chakra, in the center of the chest. You can help the process by following it with your attention and by wishing or asking for the creation of this heart-sun. Then the light descends further into the belly, where it forms another sun in the dan tien, just below the navel. From there it can descend into the legs and pass on below through the feet, to the Earth. In a similar way, it flows down the arms and out the finger tips into the surrounding air.

This accomplishes many things. First, it sends the healing and transformative rays of the highest source into all the cells of your body, into the nerves, all the way to the nerve endings and to the pores of the skin and beyond, into the aura around the physical body. Second, by passing through the human organism, it flows into the Earth, providing her with a healing energy she sorely needs.

Now, as you try this, you can feel the relaxation that comes from it, the peacefulness that settles into your tissues. That sense of peace radiates in a certain way to help the other bodies. You feel the quietness settle into your emotions as as well, into the astral body. You can feel how the mental processes become calmer, more focused, like a clear pool of water in which you can the beautiful coral at the bottom. The more time you spend like this, the more your body, feelings and mind can heal, become integrated, learn to work together. You could do this every day, like taking a shower, only an internal one. This cleanses your inner life, removes toxic feelings and toxic substances, and fearful thoughts.

There is so much clearing that is needed. So many layers of fear and suffering. We send you this healing light so as to help you feel how you could be without all the fear and pain, to feel how it is to be connected to the light of the sun.

The more you practice this, the more you will be able to do it, the clearer your internal life will be, and the easier it will be to do it in a more profound way. Then you become like a glowing beacon of energy yourself. You attract more of the same. That is a law of nature also: like attracts like. The more time you spend in fear, the more fear you attract. The more time you spend in the glorious, golden light, the more light you attract.

Then, as you acquire a familiarity with this process, a skill, as it were, you can begin to be more sensitive to the places in your four bodies which need this healing, and you can help to direct this flow, gently, not forcing, to the places that are more blocked, in which deep-seated fears are hidden. You can fill the inner places with this light, even the places that seem to behave as if they are independent, separate person from you, into those negative inner voices: the internal self-judging, the condemning of others, the destructiveness. You can send this light into the “shadow” side of your inner life, the hidden places that you are too afraid to visit. Send the light ahead of you; it is not necessary to go inside blindly, stumbling into terror-filled memories. Send the light in first, abundantly. There is no limit to the supply of the golden light of the sun.