Monday, December 5, 2011

Message from Horus which came last week during the channeling group

We try to reassure you each week that we are here, helping, at your service. And we see that you hear us when you are at the meeting. Sometimes, at other times you hear us. We want to assist you to learn to hear us all the time, at least to be able to do that. So think about what is different as you are together as compared to when you are not together, and the way your organism is receptive. When you are here, you become more peaceful inside. The parts of your nervous system which you refer to as having to do with stress, are not so active. So you become more able to hear us and see us. And when you are in your lives, away from each other, see how it is that when something happens and you react with upset, how that affects your ability to perceive. This is important because there are always things that are upsetting, or at least to which one could react with upset, or not. So if there is a problem, a bump in the road, you might say, we are there, trying to help you. If you are upset, you might not hear, when the upset comes. When we meet like this we are building a connection with you, gradually. Not too much all at once. You see, we don't wish to cause that same upset about which I just spoke. We don't want to scare you. We do this in a gradual way. It's not your fault if you scare easily; it's the way things are where you live. Has been for a long time.

You know that as we have spoken to you over the months, even years now, sometimes we come as this person or that person, which you call gods; this god or that god; this wise person, or that wise person. We are part of a circle; we work together. Sometimes one of us has a slightly different point of view than the others, and so that one is chosen to speak or to touch you with his or her energy. But the basic message is the same regardless of who speaks.

We live in a world without the physical body. In your physical world you have an experience we do not have, which is that of separation. Each of your bodies appears to be separate from the others. In a sense they are. But each of your bodies has around it an aura which is also within the body, and these auras touch each other and sometimes blend. So now as you sit here together your auras have joined, almost. One of us will stand between the one called BB and the one called PW to help bridge that gap. We understand more directly the power of being in a circle, in a group. When one of us feels something, the others all feel it, too, immediately; the same with thoughts. We understand easily how connected we all are because we feel it very immediately. This is an understanding that for you is just beginning to dawn. When I say you, I mean humanity, all together. An idea whose time has come. It is a very different idea than the one that has been in power, which is that everyone is separate. For example, the hot topic of the moment, greed. When you realize how connected everyone is, there can be no greed; it cannot be. You don't have to do anything about the greed, because it simply cannot exist. I know it is difficult to understand how such a world could be.