Sunday, December 28, 2008

New World Order

[Please tell me about the new world order]

You know that there is a big shift taking place in human life now. Part of that shift is a re-ordering of values, of how humans see the value of things. This means that the old emphasis on money and wealth has to undergo a radical transformation. You can see an example of this in how people form alliances now. These alliances are less reliant upon geographical location and more on common interest. The internet has become a tool for communication, and is becoming a tool of community. People share bits of information, of energy, with lightning speed. This is a stepping stone. It is important not to fall in love with the internet. This is a crude model of how we communicate with each other in our world. It is more instantaneous and less inhibited by distance. There is no distance and no time here. This is our reality and it is becoming your reality as well.

When you struggle with the limitations of the physical universe, you become frustrated and can even fall into despair. This is part of the darkness, the blindness that has been the rule of the day for millenia on Earth. Now it is becoming possible for people to experience the instantaneous communication that we enjoy.

Another example is the bartering of services. When you do a healing session for someone and receive one in return, there is no money transferred and the transaction does not involve the political power structure at all. This is an exchange of energy in a more pure way and could be a sort of model for the future. But it is not as if the transaction takes place entirely between the two people who do the exchange of services, because the energy of the healings radiates outward, as you would see it, from the room where the sessions take place. This healing vibration is not confined to that space but has an effect, however weak, on the surrounding area and indeed on the whole Web of Light. The more you resonate with light, the more it affects the Whole. This type of action is far more powerful than you can imagine. It affects people who have no knowledge of working with the light and no interest. It affects them subliminally, subtly raising their level of vibration. Sometimes it works on them in a way that is disconcerting, and they search for comfort in the usual places, which are places of negativity, addiction, closing in upon oneself. We are working with you and people like you to see how it may be possible for the rising of the light vibration on Earth not to have that effect on the unsuspecting, on the innocent in a sense. We have seen in the past when we try to elevate the vibration of the planet, how it can drive people crazy. It is important that we persist, that we continue to try to bring Earth into the next level of vibration. We are trying to do this in a more harmonious way than in the past. And for this it is crucial that people like you, who have some sensitivity to the workings of the Light, participate.

You already know how to do this, up to a point. You enter into a meditative state and clear your mind of your usual thoughts. Then you watch and listen and sense. As you become more quiet and more sensitive, you being to feel or see or sense the evolving connection to the Web of Light and you lean back into it, like leaning against a hammock, as if it could support your physical weight. And then you begin to feel the vibration of that light entrain your own inner vibrations, and connect inside your body so that the body is not an obstruction or an object on the web, but is integrated into the glow. Try to stay like this. The benefits for yourself are beyond imagination. Do it for yourself and you will help us and help everyone.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

From a different source

A few days ago, my wife and a friend discovered that our friend, LG, had taken his own life. He had been suffering with a serious mental illness for a few years, and had stopped taking his medication. He cut himself off from everyone who was trying to help him and gave up the struggle.
During the wee hours of the morning I woke into a reverie state from the dream state and saw him standing in the bedroom in shimmering light. Calling in my Guides and Power Animals, I asked him to stay over there (away from me!) and promised to deal with him later.

Then when I got up for the day, I took up my shamanic drum and started calling in the spirits. At a certain point, after we had created Sacred Space together, I saw LG again standing there in shimmering light. I asked the angels to open the portal into the World of Light and asked LG to look up into it and see what he could see. He was very happy. He understood that he could now make the transition from this world of suffering into the place of infinite compassion and light.

The feeling of joy was immense: his joy and mine as a participant in this divine mystery.

Later, as I was sitting with a group of people contemplating what had happened, I saw the divine form of Hermes and realized that he had been helping me in the earlier ceremony. I asked if he had anything to tell us about the mystery of life and death. Here is what he said:

It is indeed a great mystery. You can feel the power of that transition when it happens, if you are in the presence of it as it is happening. It is like an ecstasy. It is a coming together of many things. Most of those things are things we do not see or understand before that moment. All the threads that led to the life you live now come together, all the reasons for your birth into this world come together at the end also.

You see that when the body dies, the person does not. So you can prepare yourselves for this passage by practicing, by being aware of the body and how your consciousness can be independent of it, not by ignoring the body or becoming numb to it, but by becoming more conscious of it, so that you can distinguish between the quality of the physical and the qualities of the non-physical. Then you will not be so frightened by this natural event.

You could begin to live your lives less governed by the fear of death.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Living in Two Worlds

December 5, 2008

[How is it possible to live in two worlds at the same time? It is so disorienting.]

We can see that humans struggle with this issue. We are trying to understand what it is like to be in a physical body. For us, it is hard to comprehend because it is not in our experience. We admire your position, because it is so demanding. In a way, our life is easy compared to yours. It is not easy for us to see your suffering, though. We recognize the very difficult situation that exists for human consciousness when it is confined to the physical realm. It is very much like being cut off from your loved ones, from your source of nourishment. That is what we are working to change. We want for you to be able to feel our presence as you go through your activities, your ordinary activities. Now you feel us when you are trying to connect to us, when you meditate or write. It takes a special effort of concentration, of releasing.

You have noticed that when you are connected to us your body is more relaxed. That is important. You can practice being more relaxed as you go about your usual activities. Try to see if you can do ordinary tings, like the dishes, while being much more relaxed. You have to be aware of your body as you do these things in order to notice how you tense up unnecessarily. Even if you just learn to do the dishes in a relaxed way, your life will improve.

It is easier to be connected to us when your body is not holding a great deal of unnecessary tension. It is about the energy flows. Tension blocks the flow of energy. Communication with us is all about he flow of energy. The information we send comes on a flow of energy. Sometimes the flow itself is the message and sometimes there is an additional message on the flow, analogous to how you send radio signals as a modulation of the carrier signal. But this is not about electromagnetic energy. It is a different energy, one that can reach across the boundaries between dimensions, between worlds. That is why in your dimension this energy looks like it does not dissipate with distance, as if distance were irrelevant to its action. It is because the energy flow from us to you is traveling in a different pathway thn what you experience in the space/time realm. It is not important to understand to cosmic physics of it; just understand that we can communicate with you at any time or in any place because we live where there is no time or place.

In this way, by practicing some awareness of the body as you go through your day, you open the door to us to enter into your daily life in a more continuous way.