Thursday, January 22, 2009

Experiencing the four bodies - an exercise

Last week we were told something about learning to live in all four of our bodies. I ask if we may be given more instruction about that, how to do that, what that experience might be like, how to know if what I am doing is moving in that direction or not.

First you have to come into the body that you know, the physical one. You have to be clear with yourself about when you are in your body and when you are not. And then when you come into your body, try to occupy the whole of it. This is nothing new for you, but still not practiced much. Then you move around in the body, like now for this purpose you move to one side. See how that feels. See what changes when you move from one side to the other, in the experience that you are having. Try to see which parts of the body are easier for you to occupy than others. And then we can help you. You can ask us to send our energy into your body, into the places that are more difficult, into the whole, and see how that feels, see what feels different when you do that. While you are trying this, trying to be in your body, you can ask your True Self to come and be in your body with you. See how that changes things. It is good that you try to do this in a peaceful state. It is a very peaceful activity. So you may have to try things to bring more peace to yourself, like asking for the Golden Light of Grace, while being patient with yourself and persistent.

When, you think about your body without being in it, you think of it and see it as more or less solid. And when you come into the body and begin to experience it, sometimes it seems as if it is full of space. It's an experience that doesn't seem to fit with the concepts that are generally accepted about reality at this time. But there it is; you have this experience in space and time. Your consciousness can move about within this space in the body, if you practice it. Sometimes when you are in this place, especially in this gathering that you have, you feel a connection between your body and the others in the circle, through cords of light. This begins to be an experience of a different dimension, which is not available to you ordinarily, in your ordinary state. And these cords of light connect outward from the circle as well as you have noticed. They connect conscious beings in a way that transcends space and time. If you try to understand that you will be confused. So I say this just to point you in the direction of a kind of experience. Be patient with this experience, and peaceful inside, and you will begin to see.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Big changes in the world

I have a question for the being or group of beings known as Ashiata Shiemash. I ask your advice and guidance about the best way for us to negotiate the apparently big changes that will be happening in our society, in our culture, in our economic environment and planetary environment.

I ask you to imagine the world as you would like it to be. I understand that may be difficult to do, because when you use imagination, it needs to be done completely free of any fear. So that is a good exercise to try, to imagine the future without any fear. You can begin to understand how much fear works in your system. We are moving from the kali yuga, which is an age of fear, into a new age which is the age of love. In order to make that transition, many things have to be cleared: Limiting beliefs have to be cleared. It used to be that when you said you were being realistic it meant you were being pessimistic, seeing the unpleasantness, the difficulties. This process that is happening, these changes that you currently describe as big changes, you could have an influence on them. You are not required to be passive observers of the changes in the world, changes in the planet. So, for example, if you want a world without scarcity, a world without lack, start imagining such a world. Imagine it with all your being, and it becomes more like a prayer, and less like a daydream. It is good to understand the necessity to be cleared of limiting beliefs, even though you may not realize what your limiting beliefs are, or what the world would look like without them. Knowing that this is a necessity can help you to be ready for it.

For example, a limiting belief is that the body becomes weaker and deteriorates with age. It was not always like that. In your Bible, in ancient times, it is said that people lived 900 years. It would cause a great sensation if people found out there was someone alive that long now, but it is possible. It requires that the human being live in all his bodies, all four of his bodies. This way the physical body does not deteriorate. It would be good to learn this skill, so you could go on learning beyond the few decades that you live now.

When you think of your body as a lump of material, that is a limiting belief. You could begin to think of your body as permeated with energies of different frequencies and qualities. Even without experiencing it, the idea opens new possibilities.