Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Power of Love

This message came through during a meditation meeting in a small group of people who practice weekly together, trying to connect to divine sources of wisdom. The being who spoke identified himself as Horus:

Ask that your capacity for love be increased and we will aid you in this process of increasing this within you. And as this grows, you will be able to see others as they truly are in the same way that you seek to see yourselves as you truly are. And as you grow in this capacity to love you will be able to be greater beings of Light in the service of others. And increasing your own joy. Make this a daily intention.

Maybe you begin to understand that Love is a force beyond all others, not just a sentiment. But a powerful force. When you think of power you do not think of Love; you think of power in a different way. Once you begin to experience this as you meet together with us, you feel this different vibration that comes, how strong it can be; how it even affects your body. Maybe it is not even right to call it Love because you think a certain way about that word. The way you maybe think about it doesn't include how powerful it is.

Sometimes you feel it as a warmth or heat . . . or a thickness in the air, or like you are being spiritually scrubbed. Imagine that you could focus this Love like a beam of light; instead of a death ray, a Love Ray. Like a search light, only much warmer. Much could be accomplished.

Try now to feel your heart, in the center of your chest. You feel how it moves; when the rest of you is still, it is moving. It is very responsive. Now we send this Love into your hearts, like a golden light. See if you can feel it. See if you can feel the action of this light. Now, let it spread throughout your body. And hold your hands like this (palms up.) Imagine the light is streaming forth from your palms like two flashlights, and where these beams meet, imagine someone to whom you wish to send love; picture them being shined upon by these two flashlights. Now all of us gather around you in a circle, amplifying this energy. You send it to these people you visualize. Keep your focus on that person and on the feeling in your hands. Send this same light into the heart of this person

Now take your hands and place them over your heart.

Now again,make your beams of light going upward and where the two lights intersect imagine someone else.

And again, give yourself light over the heart.

Do you understand?

We want you to know that you can try this projecting of Love as you wish. But we want you to remember that the source of the Love is not within you; it is not from you; it is from something higher which comes through you. First you must receive. Very important to receive this love first. So often you try to give without having received anything yourself, and you end up empty, trying to do good. Maybe you could feel as we did this together how much it affects you to work in this way; how good it feels for yourself. It is not just what you call a byproduct. It is essential that you feel this goodness. You cannot do this work without feeling that goodness yourself, without receiving it into yourself. And as you receive it you can feel the abundance of it, so it becomes easy to give it, to send it to someone else, because you don't lose anything yourself.

We very much like that you want to do this work. Very much. We would like to help you. So if you wish to try this, you can practice it when you are by yourself, but we ask you not to discuss it, certainly not with the people you try to help. It is best to do this secretly. Maybe you understand why. When we did this just now, you were in a certain state with our help and with your active participation. And you may find this when you are working alone also. But then when you go to talk about it with someone you are not in that state any more. So it creates a possibility of misunderstandings, almost an inevitability of misunderstandings. Better to do this quietly, in secret. Talk with each other, yes.

As you sit in the Golden Light, enjoying its qualities, you can feel how your presence has an affinity for it, how well it fits, how well it suits you. We say that the Golden Light comes from Ra. You may have heard of Him. He is called the Sun God. He sends the Golden Light, not from the sun, but from Ra. And it suits you. Fits you very well. So you think of Ra as some distant powerful god, far removed from you. You are wrong because His energy fits you very well. It is very pleasing to us to see that. We hope you enjoy it, too!