Sunday, June 14, 2009

The question of human suffering.

Elizabeth's question: Why does humanity have to suffer?
And my addendum: Why do I need to suffer? Must I continue to suffer? How can this suffering that happens in me become more creative?

Ashiata Shiemash:

As you move into contact with me you can feel the shift in your inner state, how your awareness expands and begins to include elements of which you were previously unaware. But you recognize some of those elements from prior such efforts, so it is not all new. What is remarkable is the forgetting that happens when you are not in direct contact with us. This is a little illustration of the origin of suffering.

When humanity maintains a state of awareness that separates it from the other levels of being above the physical, suffering is the result. All suffering comes from this separation. It has been said that the Kali Yuga, the last age, was the age of separation, of the illusion of separation. When people live with the illusion of being separate from the higher energies, they make their decisions and live their lives in darkness. A simple example is the killing of one human by another. This can only happen when the killer thinks of the other person as separate, different from himself. He has to “demonize this other in order to kill him. The beginning of enlightenment is to be able to see that at all humans are the same, all are connected and carry the same information, the same earnings, the same needs. So much of the suffering of humanity has come from this belief that the others are different and threatening because of that difference. We have to protect ourselves from the ones who are different, and to do that we have to be able to have more power, the power that can be used to control or kill others.

This age of illusion is ending and a new one is beginning. It will take many years for this transition to be accomplished. The old ways will pass but not without a fight, not without more suffering. What will come is the realization that this suffering was not necessary, not inevitable.

We said that the suffering comes from being stuck in the perception of only the physical. So part of the process of moving into the next age is the development of the skill of perceiving reality on multiple levels. We have already expressed to you the idea that the etheric is the more fundamental level of reality for the earth plane. You see the physical, but it is a projection of the etheric; the physical is not primary.

So much of human suffering is related to the perception of physical death, physical pain. When you begin to perceive other levels of being above the physical (in terms of frequency of vibration), you will be less impressed with the importance of the death of the physical, with the pains of the physical body. The soul can move in and out of the physical and this will become easier in the near future. Already, you know how easy it is to be “out of body” when dealing with a traumatic situation. So many of your patients have learned to be out of their bodies when they were being abused, assaulted, etc. There needs to be more development of this skill, not less! What is missing is the ability to maintain consciousness in the physical state, consciousness of the non-physical or supraphysical states.

You know that when you dream, when you go “out” you often do not remember what happens in that state. You feel some change afterward, but don't remember the details of the travels. It needs more practice until you can get to the point of slipping more easily in and out of the body while retaining full awareness of the process.

The body's vibratory level must change in order for this to become easier. This can happen through the regular practice of introducing higher vibrations into the body consciously, of maintaining consciousness while we work on you in your meditations. There needs to be more clearing of toxic substances, of negative energies.

There also is a need for clearing of specific issues, karmic issues. This can be done with less suffering than you think. It can be done in a gentle way. But it is necessary for you to experience the feelings connected with the past life memories, even if from a distance or from floating above the memories We will help with this. Part of the problem for you has been that you try to do this without us. We are always here, ready to assist you. You forget that, and think that you are separate and have to do all this work on your own. Let us help.