Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to become a clear channel

Question: I ask that you give me clear vision, make my vessel healthy and clear, so that it can be a better channel.

Ashiata Shiemash: The message is in the energy. You have understood already that Qi is energy, and also is consciousness. You cannot have higher consciousness without the energy for it. In your current energy state, you cannot imagine what is possible. When we talk about how much is possible for you and for people, we mean what is possible from a state of higher energy. Otherwise it is only a projection of the mind. So we begin by trying to bring your physical apparatus to a state of higher vibration. You can help by concentrating, being mindful of the process, and being relaxed to the degree you are able.

In this way it begins to be possible to live in different dimensions at once, to be in two places at once. You can practice by being aware of us as you go through your day. We are not far away. We are very present to your reality, but a little bit out of phase with the frequency of your perception in your usual state. It is healthy to be in two levels at once, better than trying only to be aware of the spiritual dimensions without the physical. We are trying to build a bridge, a connection so that it is more normal, more usual, for you to be able to perceive us while you are in your more familiar reality.

It is necessary to be very relaxed, much more than you can do now. It is necessary to stay relaxed as you go about your business. It does not help to be upset, angry, fearful. We keep telling you that there is nothing to fear. Fear is the great barrier to consciousness. It shuts down your perception, shrinks it to a small dimension. Then you are in the dark and truly cannot see reality. Fear reinforces itself. Love is the antidote, meaning expansion, not floating away from the coarse, but expanding to include more.

So, start with your body, as you have learned already. Begin to sense the body, the sensations, and watch the transformation. Then allow yourself to perceive your body as more than the limits of your skin, seeing how the sensations can arise from a bit beyond what you think of as your body. Practicing to be in two places at once begins here, with awareness of sensation within the skin and outside the skin at the same time.

Next you will learn that once part of your consciousness is outside the skin, there does not have to be a limitation of distance or space, or solid objects. You can go anywhere, any distance, because place and distance do not mean anything to pure consciousness.

In preparation, it is important to be coherent. That means to be relatively unified within your being. You need to be free in the feelings, not stuck with energy tied up in negative memories and attitudes. It is simply a question of having all the available energy free to move and flow. Grudges, grief, pain, fears, judgmental attitudes, all tie up your energy and keep you from having enough resources to do what you wish.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ashiata Shiemash speaks about the question of money

Now on the question of money: Right now you cannot conceive of how this will look in a short time. In your culture, money rules all. It is not the root of all evil, obviously; it is substance, energy. By holding more energy, running more, allowing it to flow more freely, you open up the possibility to have more energy. This means money too. You do not get more money through fear, through craving, through envy of those who have more. You get more through being more open and more flowing in your own energy, more flexible.

What we want for you is that you should have the same perspective as we, the same view from above as it were, as it seems to you now. You come to this not through shutting down your feelings or trying to “rise above it” but by being more open to all feelings, to the feelings of others, to the feelings in yourself that seem out of place as well as the ones that are socially approved.

You can learn to encompass all the vectors of yearning and then they will balance each other, so you are not pushed or pulled by desire and repulsion. You see all, feel all. Then it is possible to be at another level and to manifest what you wish. Now it is not possible to manifest what you wish, not as much, not as deeply. Sometimes you can, but not to the extent that is possible for a being such as you.

For example, I came to you in this form [Ashiata Shiemash] because of your history with the Gurdjieff Work. This form would mean something to you. I am from the highest source and can take many forms. All of the compassionate teachers are manifestations of the God energy. We present ourselves to you in different ways in order to help you understand the message. The closer you get, the more it looks like light. The light is what matters. It can penetrate everywhere, into the darkest places It can change whatever it touches. You can become a vessel of light. You already are, but you could be more so.

Always remember the light, to carry the light, to call for us in the light. You are learning that it is not a battle. The dark ones like to make it a battle, but it is not. It is a melting, a transformation. A supernova of light.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ashiata Shiemash speaks:

In his book, Gurdjieff said that I was sent from above. I am still being sent from above. There is continuously something being sent from above, being sent to everyone, but only a few are able to receive. That something which comes from above, once received by people, needs to be allowed to flow and connect these people to each other and to the Earth itself. You may feel this as a feeling, an emotion; you may see it like a vision; you may sense it as a kind of clarity. For any of this to happen, your whole being has to be engaged, or at least you must have the intention that your whole being be engaged, not just the thinking. The more of this divine energy which you can allow to flow, the more clarity you will have, the more lightness of being. You may find it possible to help direct the flow of this energy into parts of your body where it is needed, where it is not flowing, where there is pain and suffering. It requires a gentleness of intent, not forcing.

When he speaks of something coming from above, the experience which comes through is like an energy descending through the crown. It looks like light, sparkling, white light, and feels cool, like standing under a waterfall. Here is how he describes this experience and a little about what it means to us:

We wish to speak to you about the changes that are taking place in humanity. One very important aspect of this is the change in perception that is becoming possible for people in general. What has been called consensual reality is shifting because of changes in the planetary vibration, which are being induced by a change in the influences coming from the Center.
Consensual reality has to shift so that the planet can grow and so that humanity can see more clearly its role in the grand scheme of things.
It must now become more possible, easier, for people to see dimensions that are not evident in the type of seeing called consensual reality. Where formerly a person had to enter an “altered state of consciousness” in order to see angels, demons, spirits of people who have died, and other types of discarnate beings, that seeing can begin to be “normal.” You can begin to see the beings who are all around you all the time, watching you. You can have a clearer relationship with them. You can begin to understand how things really work, instead of being in the dark. It is your birthright; it is innate in human beings to have this capacity. This capacity for seeing has been rigorously schooled out of children, and the ability to see spiritual beings has been persecuted for centuries in order to preserve the blindness and slavery of most of humanity to those who want this power. People who can see cannot be enslaved.

What is needed is an increase in the quantity and quality of energy that flows in the organism of each person. We have spoken of this many times. [in other channeling sessions] You must learn not to be content to carry only the weak energy you are accustomed to. You must learn to carry a more vibrant energy. It is at first uncomfortable. It does not feel normal to you after so many years of being satisfied with low frequency energy, with blindness. So the change has to be gradual, organic as you might say, so that your organism can remain in balance. Too much too soon can throw off your balance, make you sick, misalign the physical presence and cause pain, make you crazy.

It is very tempting to try to escape from the physical world as your energy rises and the visions become more clear. This is not what we are trying to accomplish. We want to accomplish a transformation of the physical world, not an escape. To do this we ask that you remain as grounded as you can while we fill your presence with divine energies.
Begin by setting up your body to be comfortable but alert, so that you do not lose consciousness. Then bring your attention into the body, taking an inventory of the sensations of the body. You can be systematic about this at first, beginning at the head and gradually letting your attention flow downward to the feet, taking in the impression of everything along the way. Do not be distracted by thoughts; the mind has been trained to get lost in the contents of mental awareness. You must train yourself not to go with this attraction, but to be very patient, gentle and persistent in sensing the sensations of the body. Then, after sufficient practice, you can enter a full body state of awareness, sensing all at once. Try to include the space around the body, a few inches away from the skin, as well. This quiet awareness sets up an attractive polarity, a field of attraction, which draws down the high energy from the divine, from the starry world.
Try not to interfere then, when we begin to infuse our presence within your energy field. You will feel a different quality of energy, much finer than your own, or what you are used to. It will flow down through the opening of your crown chakra, through the top of your head. Watch as it descends through the body, through your field. Feel how this quality enters and mingles with your own energy and changes it.
This is the source of healing, the philosopher's stone if you will, the fountain of youth. Encourage it if you must, to flow to the places that hurt, that are numb or tight. Better still, let it flow without interference at all. Just bring your awareness to it and to the parts you wish to help, and do nothing more. That is the hard part, not interfering once the process has started. And not shutting it off too soon, not letting your mind wander into dreams and fantasies. This is not the time to write your book! We need your attention to be present to this process, to interact in a certain way so that our high energy can have its action upon the physical presence.
You have begun to see that when we do this, you become aware of lines of force connecting you to the others around you, and that these lines of light travel outward, as it appears, from your presence, in many directions, perhaps all directions, to connect you to all life, to all humanity, to all sentient beings. This connection is always there, but you do not see it until your presence is energized in this way. Can you stand to be this aware? Do you not see how much better it is to be aware of the lines of force connecting you to all of reality than to sit in the dark imagining you are separate?
There is nothing to fear in this. As you become more and more a beacon of light, any dark beings who are attracted to this light will be drawn in only as close as you allow, and their presences will be informed by the light, transformed, changed, enlightened.
Then, with sufficient practice you can engaged in this activity with others who are of like mind. This greatly multiplies the effect, fostering a sympathetic vibration, a harmonious amplification of the energy of transformation.
There, in a nutshell, is our message.
Then, as you practice, you can begin to experience the sloughing off of your worries, your little concerns, which come from living in the dark. You can begin to see how the connectedness of everything works, how events are really caused.
You can begin to trust that the experiences and the people we bring to you are brought to you with a specific purpose, sometimes for you to help them and sometimes for them to help you..
All this happens only with your consent, of course. The divine, starry light cannot enter you without your participation. If it does, the result is madness, “cracking of the old gourd,” the “pouring of new wine into old wineskins.”
Allow yourself to be stretched, to trust that you can see what you do not yet see, and that the seeing will be a good thing.
We will not hurt you; we love you. What we bring is love itself, the substance of love.
Trust us.

Meet the Source; Ashiata Shiemash

In the whole of G.I. Gurdjieff's grand opus, his bizarre, idiosyncratic history of mankind, the most important figure is that of Ashiata Shiemash. It was he and he alone who was able to bring about enough change in humanity that, for a short time at least, people lived in a way much more in accordance with the way people could live if they were conscious, if they had a conscience, if the knew and felt their deep connection to each other. The consequences of the changes he brought about were far-reaching: from the cessation of wars and slavery, to the lengthening of the life span of humans.

(Quotation from All and Everything, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, by G.I. Gurdjieff, pp. 317-318., Viking Arkana, New York and London, 1992.

The Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash Sent from Above to the Earth
"It was just seven centuries before the Babylonian events I have spoken of that there was actualized in the planetary body of a three-brained being there the 'definitized conception' of a Sacred Individual named Ashiata Shiemash, whose turn it was to become a Messenger from Above, and who is now one of the Highest and Most Saintly Common-Cosmic Sacred Individuals.
"The conception of Ashiata Shiemash took its form in the planetary body of a boy of poor family descended from what is called the 'Sumerian race,' in a small village called 'Pispascana,' situated not far from Babylon.
"He grew up and became a responsible being partly in this village and partly in Babylon itself which, although not yet magnificent at that time, was already a famous city.
"The Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash was the only Messenger sent from Above to your planet who by his holy labors succeeded in creating conditions in which for a certain time the existence of its unfortunate beings somewhat resembled the existence of three-brained beings inhabiting other planets of our Great Universe and having the same possibilities. And this saint was also the first who, for the accomplishment of the mission assigned to him, refused to employ the customary methods established during centuries by all the other Messengers from Above for the three-brained beings of that planet.
"The Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash taught nothing whatever to the ordinary three-brained beings of the Earth, nor did he preach anything to them, as was done before and after him by all the other Messengers sent from Above with the same aim.
"And in consequence of this, none of his teachings, in any form whatsoever, passed from his contemporaries even to the third generation there, let alone to contemporary beings."

This mysterious central figure in the grand opus of Gurdjieff, said to have lived seven centuries before the great civilization of Babylon may have been entirely a literary creation, a mythical figure created to illustrate a point, to inspire and to exhort. Or did he actually live in a human body at some point? Once, in a story commonly circulated among the members of the various Gurdjieff Foundations, the official holders of the teachings of Gurdjieff, one of his pupils asked Gurdjieff: “When exactly did Ashiata Shiemash live?” Gurdjieff is said to have answered: “Maybe not yet.”

So it was particularly astonishing to me that, when I began to study shamanic methods for altering consciousness, during the first days of my training, I came into a state of consciousness where I met this august personage, and learned that he was to be my teacher.

This encounter occurred during the basic workshop taught by faculty from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. The exercise involved a “journey” to the Upper World to meet ones inner Teacher. In this schema, the Middle World is where we live, the Lower World is a place which looks natural, full of fields, trees, lakes, waterfalls, and where the Power Animals live, and the Upper World, above the sky, is where the high spirit teachers, angels, kachinas live. In this journey, while the teacher drums a steady beat in order to assist the alteration of the student's brain wave patterns and induce an altered state, the student is instructed to visualize himself rising up into the heavens on the back of bird, or on a column of smoke from a fireplace, or by climbing a huge tree, until he passes through a barrier or membrane of some sort, perhaps a layer of clouds, thus entering the Upper World. We had done this as a trial run, to get familiar with the place. My Upper World looked like a city made of crystal, resting on a layer of clouds. Pegasus had dropped me off at a stairway the proceeded upward through the layer of clouds and left me gazing at the dazzling splendor of this amazing place. During the journey to find ones teacher, we were to proceed back to this place above the clouds, and announce our presences, asking to meet our teachers.

When I got there the second time, I kept seeing a setting (or rising?) sun near the horizon, up one of the avenues of the crystal city. It was hard to look at it because of the brightness of the light. Then it turned into a partial eclipse and I had the sense that it was trying to make it easier for me! I kept asking to meet my teacher and I kept being shown the sun. Finally I got it, the sun was to be my teacher. But, ever the good student, I complained to the universe that I was supposed to find someone in the form a human to be my teacher. Then I saw a head floating in front of me, a square jawed, Semitic looking man with a black beard in ringlets. He resembled a bas relief sculpture I had seen in an art museum in my youth, from the Assyrian civilization. I asked him if he was to be my teacher, and he replied with a dignified nod. I was in awe of his presence, feeling the power and grandeur he was emanating. Then I asked if I might be given the privilege of knowing his name. He replied very clearly: “Ashiata Shiemash.”

This was astonishing to me for many reasons. I had been told by one of the senior people in the Gurdjieff Foundation that the name Ashiata Shiemash meant in ancient Sumerian: “Rays of the sun.” At the time I did not know it, but I was about to leave the Gurdjieff Work, the groups of people who were trying to put into practice the teachings of that obscure Russian mystic, who had written about Ashiata Shiemash. My departure occurred about a month later, when the politics of humans in an organization made it impossible for my wife and I to continue to participate with the groups, after thirty-five or so years of devoted membership. During the difficult, highly emotional meeting in which it became clear that we had to leave the organization, the president asked me what was going to happen to my inner work if I left the group, our connection to the Source. I did not tell her then, but I felt a great inner peace and confidence that the Source was not to be found in the structure of the Gurdjieff Work, because the Source was accessible within my own psyche in the form of this inner connection to Ashiata Shiemash himself.

What follows is a collection of writings which came through my fingers while I was in trance, connecting to the wisdom of that personage. I believe that the messages came from Ashiata Shiemash. I cannot be certain of this, and I do not know how one could ever be certain of such an assertion. I do not ask the reader to believe that this is the true source of these writings. Gurdjieff himself was not one to ask for blind faith, but expected his pupils to verify everything they were taught. But I believe the content of these writings has a great value regardless of the source, whether it comes somehow from my own prior learning in the Gurdjieff Work, from some deep place in the collective unconscious of humanity which became available to me through shamanic states of consciousness, or if it indeed comes from some high being from ancient times named Ashiata Shiemash.

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The entries in this blog come from channeled material. This means that the writing that I do is done in an altered state of consciousness, and represents a relatively pure (as pure as I can make it) transmission of ideas from some source that feels like it is beyond my personal mind. In this case the source of the material identifies himself as Ashiata Shiemash. More on who he is later . . .