Monday, April 27, 2009

Realignment with the Conscious Universe

What needs to come through now is the importance of a realignment with the conscious universe. This realignment creates a different orientation in the human being, a different valence. It serves as an attractive force, calling to the human being the higher energies that have always been available, but have been shut out from your awareness. The old paradigm was very successful at shutting out this awareness of higher things. It made those higher things seem like intellectual constructs, imaginings, rather than the reality that they are.

When you realign with the conscious universe, you create the possibility of hope. That is a weak way of saying it! Hope sounds to humans like what you do when there is no evidence of the possibility of change. Now we say there is evidence, there is experience possible for human beings. It starts with this change of attitude, change of mind.

Then what is needed is a small amount of dedication. That dedication begins with focused attention, with a still mind. The distractability of the mind is a great barrier to new experience, since the new experiences are subtle and easily disrupted at the physical level by any turbulence in the human.

Many traditions have told us about the chattering mind, the monkey mind, the “ghost who screams (in the Huna tradition.) The simple solution to this problem is a kind of meditation which allies the mental awareness with the sensations of the physical body. At first it will seem like you are connecting with the sensations of the physical. But as you work with this, experience it, you will see that this leads quite directly into more subtle perceptions. These subtle perceptions are of the emotional level, the emotional body, and other things for which you cannot yet find a name.

As we have said before, you will begin to experience your own body as hollow instead of as a lump of matter. You can begin to experience the movement of energies within and around it. You can even begin to experience how those energies connect with other living beings: humans, trees, animals. It is even possible to connect with what you used to think of as inanimate objects: mountains, rivers, fields. Everything is conscious.

If the meditation on the sensations of the body is too difficult, you can try drumming or rattling. This is a very good way of quieting the chattering mind.

Did not your scriptures say: "Be still and know that I AM?" In the stillness is your connection to a new world, a new way of perceiving and experiencing your own life.

As you work in this way , it is possible that you may begin to encounter fears, darkness, the shadow side. This is normal and expected at some point. We ask you not to be afraid of anything. Treat it all as a trip through the fun house at the amusement park. It is all illusion. If your body does not react to the fearful imagery, it loses its power to do anything to you.

At times like these it is very helpful to remember the Golden Light of Grace. You can always call for the Golden Light, wherever you are in your inner journey. This will calm your body, your nervous system, and pacify the dark beings who seem to threaten you.

If you are doing this as a shamanic journey through the dark cave to the Lower World, for example, you could make a torch of Golden Light, like a Fourth of July sparkler, only larger. Take this divine illumination with you wherever you go in you inner journey.

The time for fear is over. The time for joy, grace, forgiveness, expansion, love, is now.