Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Question:     I have a question I would like to pose to any high, benevolent beings that are present. Recently I have been receiving messages that are contrary to what I am personally comfortable with. And subsequently, I have felt that war between my gut feelings and the information that I have been receiving, so I wonder how to balance my individual human desires with those things that I am being instructed to do.

Response: Perhaps you will notice now that we send a message from above. As a column of light coming into the crystal in the middle. From that crystal another beam of light moves toward each of you into your heart. Try to feel that if you can. There are competing messages. It has always been like that. I do not wish to say it will always be like that because the situation is changing. There are those who try to influence people, to lead them astray. They can be very tricky. They can appeal to various weaknesses: your ego, your lust, your hunger, your fear, your anger. They can even sound like they are very high beings. Shapeshifters. So we send you this divine light as a reference point. Like a tuning fork. You feel this vibration, where it strikes you. And these other messages that you wonder about, try to sense the quality of vibration that they come upon, the carrier band. Where does it strike you in your body and how does it feel; aside from the content of the message. Listen to the music as it were. If you like this ray of light we are sending, make a decision to receive it. You don't have to; you can say no. but if you like it, let it spread; let it spread from your heart all around inside you. You see, you may very well ask who I am who is speaking to you. This man wants to know. But if I tell you my name, who I am where I am from, why would you believe me. I wouldn't like to you but you don't know that. I could tell you I am Jesus. I am not, but I could tell you that. So, you could know me by the vibration you feel. This light that we send has the property of cleansing you. One time in your meeting someone said she felt like she was being spiritually scrubbed. We hope it's more gentle than that. You could let this divine light cleanse you all throughout, up into your head, all around your body. You may notice that when others try to speak to you who are trying to lead you astray, the vibration does not feel like this. It can feel creepy, tinged with fear. What we send comes on the vibration of Love. That is the vibration upon which this New Age is being built.

You may remember that this man who speaks for us has talked to you at times about your True Self. You could open yourself to your True Self again. See where and how you experience this connection. And if it feels creepy or not. We are all connected to you and you to us and you to each other on the vibration of Love.

Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Responder: Do you see how as we invigorate the rock in the center, it then sends a ray to each of you and that ray invigorates you, and you become another kind of crystal, living crystal? And so you begin to send the same light outward. Does it not feel good to do that? The more you allow this, allow this vibration to fill you and to radiate out from you, the more your life will be surrounded with light. This is the way it works. Not very complicated.

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Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP said...

Dr. Alcorn's post brings up a very important reality that lightworkers need to be aware of: there are forces in the world who do not want us to do what we are doing and would like to lead us astray to get us off the path of our mission. This instruction to feel the resonance of each message and compare it to the resonance of LOVE makes so much sense!