Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Message from RA

I come to you looking like the sun. You could think of me as the sun, Apollo, Ra, other names. We have set things in motion to right a great wrong. This planet, your planet, has been a cesspool for too long. I don't know how else to put it. For a long, long time many, many bad things have happened here, things that cannot happen in the light, only in the darkness. So we are increasing the light. Your scientists, some have noticed an increase in what they call the solar wind, radiation coming from the physical sun. It is one expression of this transformation process. Things that happen in the dark and can only happen in the dark will become impossible, where now they are the norm. So, as you sit within this vibration, making yourselves quiet and receptive, this solar wind has its effect on you, makes your cells vibrate in a different way. And when they vibrate with enough intensity they radiate again with the same light and you become like another sun. And every time you become like a sun what happens to the dark? It is filled with light and is no longer dark. It is changed, transformed. It is not killed of; it is transformed. In your minds you remain somewhat convinced of the invincibility of the dark forces. From our point of view, it is like the shadows telling the sun: You can't defeat us. When there is enough light, even the shadows become illuminated. The light bounces off everything, flows around obstacles, is reflected back and forth. There is nowhere to hide. Even under ground. Because the light we send can enter into the crystals of the Earth, into the rocks. Into the spaces.

Ignorance is another form of darkness: absence of the light of reason. When you [Bob] talk to the dark brothers, you see how they don't know about the light. They are ignorant of it, afraid of it. And when they find out that there really is Divine Love, they are surprised. And their understanding changes.

[He is talking to me about a video I saw today in which it is claimed that the extraterrestrials came to this planet looking for mono-atomic gold which would keep them healthy and young forever. What he says is:]

The gold that keeps you young is the gold vibration that I send you now, the golden light. People have always associated the color gold with God, with the Divine. It is a powerful vibration. It has an action on the fundamental structure of your being. Everything within you can be touched by this gold light, but unlike a Midas touch, the gold revivifies your tissues. It does not turn them into a metal; it brings them more life.

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