Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Man and Nature

From a First Nations man. Looks quite old, wrinkled face. He says that we are honoring the ancient ways, us in this group. And he is drawn to us because of that. He says:

When you connect to us in the spirit world this way [sitting in circle, receiving messages from spirit], it is a natural thing, like being in Nature. Even though you are sitting in a room. You feel your bodies in a different way when you do this. You feel how your body is alive; you feel the life in it. And this connects you to Nature. Many people seem to think that to connect to the spirit world is to leave the body behind, but it is not like that. It is the energies of the body which allow this communication. It is not that you are just now connecting to Nature; it is that you are just now becoming aware that you are Nature. In the disconnected state in which many people live now, they think human life is apart from Nature. It cannot be. That is simply a delusion. So even though you do not know the birds and the animals, the winged creatures and the four-leggeds, the way we do, you can still feel your connection to Nature through your own body. It is even wrong to put it that way, because you are always in Nature, of Nature, just mostly you don't know that. When you see something beautiful, like an eagle flying, or like the light in the clouds and your heart is stirred, maybe you call it beauty. It is more than that; it is more than a pretty picture. There is a resonance in your heart which unites you with the eagle, or the deer, or the waterfall or the clouds, but in the delusional mind who believes you are separate from Nature, it wants to discount that connection, that resonance; to trivialize it. So we say, follow that resonance in the heart. Don't listen to the disconnected mind.

The drumming creates a vibration which affects your bodies, your feelings, brings your mind into a different attunement.

Notice how you walk upon the Earth. When you are walking, do you experience that you are on the Earth? Now you are more grounded in this quiet place. It is possible to feel more solid. Then when someone tells you something crazy, it doesn't affect you.

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